Rough Settlement - Miss Universe & Away from Harm

 October 19, 2017

Rough Settlement will release four brand new singles this autumn. Starting with Miss Universe, released on the 12th of September, the plan is to have a new song available each month all the way up until the end of the year. Miss Universe (a David written track) is a great first choice with its typical Rough Settlement sound and elements, yet slightly updated from previous releases, with its memorable chorus and driving theme that the listener will recognize from several of the tracks on Victory in Sight.

The same goes for the second single Away from Harm. Combined together, the two tracks give the listener an idea of what the forthcoming album, likely to see the light of day next year, might sound like. Filled with excitement the band is preparing for the third and fourth single tracks.

Alone Again - Orpheus And Me

Alone Again - Orpheus And Me

 August 29, 2016

It is the only reasonable choice for a debut single, since all the things that make life worth living can quickly be taken away and with all the possible contradictions of mercy, the meaning is gone. In my humble mind I sometimes think that I am Orpheus. How could I not be?

Lost love, the inevitable consequence of love (as always) is intertwined with the feeling that you do not belong anywhere in this iron age, as Hesiod would have put it, and in part slightly depraved, yet delicate, sexual desires are holding hands on their way from the stairs of Hades to a very certain tragedy. Is it comforting that at least something is certain and not lied about, or does it make life even more tragic?

The single Orpheus And Me will be released for digital download and streaming on September 19th.   

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