Victory In Sight

Victory In Sight

Victory In Sight, the second album from Rough Settlement, shows the band in a brand new light with improvements on all levels. Stronger songs, tighter playing, more interesting arrangements, better production and vocalist Rickard showing his abilities in a completely different way.


Filler-free, what you get are eleven songs with diversity, from the fine tuned ballad As The Snow Fell to their heaviest effort so far: Hell In My Head. For the first time bass player David Eriksson has been contributing to the songwriting, giving the album even a better spread, making it worthwhile to listen to over and over again. Just listen to Society’s Way and you’ll understand what we’re saying. Also, multi-talented vocalist Erica Sjöström is making a guest appearance on A New Tomorrow adding another level to Victory In Sight.

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1. Locked and Loaded

2. Emotional Catastrophe

3. Devil's Right Hand

4. The Price Is At the Bottom

5. Hard to Be Right

6. Hell in My Head

7. As the Snow Fell

8. Society's Way

9. Be Me For A While

10. T.G.I.F

11. A New Tomorrow (feat. Erica Sjöström)

Running time: 48 min 26 sec

Format: CD, digital download and streaming

Release date: January 6th, 2016

Label: Lost Love Records

Produced by: Rough Settlement & Christopher Landstedt

Mixed & mastered by: Christopher Landstedt

Recorded at: Studio Helicon and various locations

Rickard Mattson: Vocals, rhythm guitar & keys

Johan Birgersson: Lead & rhythm guitar

David Eriksson: Bass

Gustaf Norlin: Drums

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