A New Tomorrow

feat. Erica Sjöström

A New Tomorrow

A New Tomorrow, the first single from the upcoming second album, will be available on March 5th for digital download and streaming. A New Tomorrow features lead vocals by Erica Sjöström from the successful Swedish band Drifters. Although being a duet, with Rickard singing leads as well, it’s not a typical balladesque rock song. Rather is a pretty straight forward mid-tempo rock tune with a powerful chorus, which blends perfect with the fluent lead guitar parts of Johan. With Erica’s dynamic and beautiful voice you’ve got the six best minutes of Rough Settlement so far.

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Running time: 6 min 25 sec

Format: Digital download and streaming

Release date: March 5th, 2015

Label: Lost Love Records

Produced by: Rough Settlement & Christopher Landstedt

Mixed & mastered by: Christopher Landstedt

Recorded at: Studio Helicon and various locations

Rickard Mattson: Vocals, rhythm guitar & keys

Johan Birgersson: Lead & rhythm guitar

David Eriksson: Bass

Gustaf Norlin: Drums

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