Our method is combining new and old technology, but with a more traditional approach and way of thinking. There is no point in drenching everything in low-end bass and side-chain every single sound. Using the methodology of the great producers and engineers that used to work with analog equipment, get inspired by their wisdom and knowledge in order to create both great sounding and affordable productions is our business idea when it comes to recording and producing. In our studio room we can offer recording possibilities for most instruments, complete drum kits included. To record a full band live in the room is not something we recommend. If you have a location you think is suitable to record bands live in, we are happy to bring the necessary equipment there.



Mixing services are among our main assignments. We mix single tracks as well as full-length albums. If you have reference tracks and sound ideals, it can be very helpful to get the specific sound quality you are looking for.   With a wide range of some of the most high-quality plug-ins combined with a selection of analog outboards, we are trying to create mixes in accordance to the customer demand.


Our control room is equipped with some high quality mastering tools. The acoustic treatment of the room is foremost constructed with mixing in mind, but that doesn’t role out the possibility of well sounding mastering results. Like  when it comes to mixing, we can master anything from single tracks to complete albums.


The demand for recorded voices is constantly increasing. With increasing requests comes the need for better sounding recorded voice, no matter if it’s audio books, spoken essays, pedagogical/educational material or museum audio guides. The company founder, as well as production and mixing engineer, Christopher Landstedt has many years of experience working as a museum guide, giving hourly speeches on daily bases. With that experience comes the knowledge how to use your voice in a gentle and clear way, making it comfortable and pleasing to listen to for long sessions. A twenty hour audio book with disturbing sounds in the voice of the reader, is an audio book that will not only have negative effects on the sales numbers, but foremost the result will be unsatisfying.  We make sure to find the right voice and character for your project.




One-year back-up of your project is included in all prices. If you happen to lose your files we deliver them again one time for free. For further copies we charge a small but reasonable fee.   


Please send us WAV or AIFF files in uncompressed stereo with a bit depth of at least 16bits (and max 24bits) with a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz up to 96kHz. No pre-processing using limiting or normalising.


We are giving our clients one set of revisions on your mixed or mastered track. After that, however, any further alterations will be charged.

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