Depending on your project we offer packages and special prices for longer sessions. Please send us an e-mail describing your project, budget and how much time you would like to spend in the studio, what type of recording your looking for etc. and we will come back with a suggestion as quickly as possible. For details about file formats, revision possibilities and delivery times, please see the services page. All prices are excluding VAT 25%.



At Studio Helicon you can record a single instrument, lay down vocals for a song or record a full length album with an entire band of live instrument players. Depending on your project and budget, we always try to work out a reasonable solution. The price indicates the hourly rate for shorter projects, often lasting from an hour up to one day. We offer weekend, single song and album packages exclusively for recording as well as including mixing and mastering.   

35 € / hour


In this case we are referring to production from an editing point of view. If you have a song with files in need to be produced, edit, re-amped or similar you can both send the files digitally or bring them to the studio.

30 € / hour



Mixing have become our most commonly requested service. With a wide range of some of the most high-quality plug-ins combined with a selection of analog outboards, we are trying to create mixes in accordance to the customer demand. Regular mixing-based editing is included in the price, but in case the song project is in need of vast editing, that kind of editing will be charged separately. Of course all such matters are discussed with the client beforehand and negotiated to benefit your request and your needs. 

50 € / song


Songs longer than ten minutes are considered as two songs due to the extra amount of time it takes to work with the project.

30 € / song

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