There are way too many loves to be lost. And they will be lost eventually. But you can still hang on to your lost loves. The album is a lost love that we hang on to, equally persistent and proud.

To listen to a record from start to finish is an experience and journey in itself. You will discover things you didn’t noticed at first. You’ll find certain favourite songs or sections, but perhaps later you’ll revise your opinion. If you only listen to one song by an artist (or in worst case, not even a whole song), how then are you able to make those discoveries?

The mixtape didn’t kill the album format or the record business. The industry monster is alive and well, but the listener is down for the count. A mixtape was rather an introduction to a new world of discoveries. To send someone your playlist doesn’t take much effort. And it is within the effort you find love, passion and devotion. People talk about playlists and will barely bother to listen to one whole song in its entirety. The opportunity to click yourself to something else seems to overpower every bit of common sense, something that also seems to be lost among many. Just think about how many people talk about music and what words they choose. Terms like: "consuming music" perfectly describes what you are doing when you click yourself through playlists, but when you put a vinyl on your record player or insert a CD to your CD player and take the time to sit down in front of the speakers  with the booklet or the vinyl cover in your hand and just listen, then you experience music. That is the way it should be, but it is quite hard to do when your only source to sound comes from your cellphone or built-in laptop speakers.       

Lost Love Records will release albums by artists and bands with commitment. Indeed, the music and subjects will differ, it might not be for everyone (it has never been  and will never be the  aim), but it will be an entirety, a complete experience, an aura of a lost golden age ready to be rediscovered.

Playlist enemy number one

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